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Welcome to Canadian Trophy Quest Ltd.

Now booking for 2017 Bear Hunts; May 1st - 6th 6 spots left, May 8th - 13th 6 spots left, May 15th - 20th 1 spot left, May 22nd - 27th -1 spot left.

Now booking for 2017 & 2018 Deer Hunts.
Now booking for 2017 & 2018 Bear Hunts.

Congratuations to John Helton, winner of a free hunt in our September 30th drawing. Click here for documentation.

Our exclusive 400,000 acre outfitting area is located in the famous "Forest Fringe" region of north-east Saskatchewan. Recognized as some of the best trophy whitetail habitat in the world, this vast area contains rich agriculture crops bordered by huge expanses of uninhabited boreal forest. This combination of fantastic nutrients and limitless security cover produces eye-popping bucks in a region with minimal access and corresponding low hunting pressure.

We have exclusive access to huge tracts of farmland and Provincial forest habitat and hunting regions. Many huge bucks roam the crop land but it is also possible to hunt forest trophies that have never stood in a farm field. Access to these regions is by ATV or Argo and hunting these boreal bucks is a unique wilderness experience.

deer tracks
Deer Tracks on Field

Baiting deer is legal in Saskatchewan and is a popular aRob with Tubbynd effective way to get a shot at a trophy. We scout year ‘round to determine big buck travel routes, feeding and bedding areas and favored rutting regions. Bait sites are carefully chosen; it is not simply a matter of "chucking out grain" and hoping they find it. Huge rubs reveal monster bucks living in a region and a bait selectively situated in their travel area will attract their attention and become a regular stop when they make their rounds. They frequent the baits to either grab a bite or a girlfriend, depending on the time of season.


Archery and muzzleloader season runs in September and October. Rifle season joins in for an additional five weeks beginning November 1. We also hunt trophy bucks by patterning travel habits and food sources, calling and rattling, or waiting near active scrapes, water sources or mineral licks. You’ll experience well-located and comfortable ground blinds (natural and/or pop-ups) or hang-on or ladder style tree stands set up under 150 yards for gun hunters and 20 yard shots are the norm for archery. Our guides are experienced and successful bowhunters and will work hard to make your Canadian whitetail adventure a resounding success.

If you are interested in hunting with Jimmy Sites and Spiritual Outdoor Adventures, contact him at the link below.

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